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Maureen Walsh is an international visionary artist and healer. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005 with a BFA in fibers. After graduating, she co-ran her own design studio in Brooklyn, New York for over eight years. She left NYC in 2013 (after losing her father) and went on a quest to explore different cultures + traditions and to search for a deeper meaning of life. In the process she studied many healing modalities, yogic practices + art forms and surfed many waves around the globe. She spent the last eight months as a student and resident artist at a yoga retreat center in Northern India. During her time in India she painted large scale murals and deepened her practice, using yoga and meditation to explore and expand creativity + intuition and to heal grief.

Maureen is inspired by travel, connection, freedom, expansion of consciousness, the magic and intricacy of nature, sacred geometry, ancient handicrafts + cultures and the healing power of the ocean. She has studied both biodynamic and visionary craniosacral therapy with several teachers in Bali, Hawaii and Italy. She’s currently completing the last part of her visionary craniosacral training with her teacher Hugh Milne. She is a certified yoga instructor with over 600 hours of yoga alliance accredited trainings (including a 100 hour yin training).

At the moment Maureen is living the life of a modern gypsy, traveling with her art, healing and teaching. While she has many places around the world to call "home", the practice has shown her the most important home will always be in her own heart. 

Please stay tuned for sessions, workshops and events near you. 

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